SMS Gateway

The SMS gateway is a container application on top of an INSYS SCR, INSYS ECR, INSYS MRO, INSYS MRO router and fullfills the need to send SMS via the GSM network to end users where RS232 ports are not applicable anymore. This system enables the possibility to send messsages over a local network from various hosts. The SMS gateway has the following capabilities:

  • Virtual COM port driver on a Windows host and networked INSYS router
  • Networked via a predefined IP address and TCP port
  • HTTPS or HTTP post method with a REST interface
  • Digital Input from the INSYS router

Note: this is a paid product, licences can be acquired through Prodek, optionally by mail Prodek

Stable releases

Version Date Container Manual
v3.1.0 10-8-23
v3.0.2 10-8-23
v3.0.1 10-8-23

Development release

Warning: only download the development version when instructed to do so, or when you're feeling lucky. This version might be unstable.

Version Date Container Manual
development 22-5-24